Once upon a time, in Paris, at the end of garden square there was a little workshop.
When the night falls, when the city goes to sleep, when everything seems to stop, Jojo’s there, meditating about our world.
One more day is ending. One more day of craziness, violence, war, terrorism, human bombs, torture, women rape, child sexual exploration and much more… After the daily media show Jojo turns off the radio, turns on some reggae music and takes a simple glass ball in his hands. Then, with his tools he starts to model the usual violence daily vomited on radio or TV. Ancient Buddha’s blown up by religious fundamentalists, a simple bird dying in a super tanker spilled oil or a plane crashing in the WTC towers.
Made of plastic, resin and a blown glass ball the snowball fits in your hand. Turn it over and a glittering snow falls down on a destroyed city, a dead animal or the hand of a woman stoned in the name of god...
As long as goes the world Jojo will keep on making some little “souvenirs” from the 21st century. Will Jojo have enough time to put all those horrors in his snowballs ?